Wedding Favor Camera

Disposable cameras are one of the most fun favors available on the market today! Available in a wide variety of styles, these camera will ensure that your guests stay click-happy all night long – and the photos will prove what a success the favors were, long after the wedding day is over!

Photography Back Up

One of the reasons that wedding favor cameras are such a hit is that while the professional photographer is busy taking the perfect shot of the cake and the speakers, your guests can snap shots of what’s really happening – Aunt Sue sniffling, or your toddler cousin dancing! Catch what happened at your wedding behind the scenes by having each guest use a small camera!

What to Look for in Wedding Favor Cameras

Disposable cameras come in many different colors, and can even be personalized with your names and wedding dates! While its important the cameras match your wedding day décor, it’s also important to look at the details. Find out how many exposures are includes – usually it’s 27, but some may have only 12 or 15. If your reception is taking place outdoors in sunlight, it’s probably not necessary to purchase cameras with a flash – but if you are celebrating at night, you’ll want to make sure that your cameras are well equipped with a flash button!


Be sure to let guests know what the cameras are there for! Including a small pre printed card at each table or place setting is a good idea. Either instruct guests to leave the cameras on their table when they leave, or have a basket near the exit so they can drop the camera on the way out! You can also assign different photography to each table – for example, have some tables focus on the bride’s family, and others on the groom’s. Or, assign each table something specific, such as the dance floor, the décor, or the kids!

Divine Developing

Once the party’s over, you’ll have a lot of camera on your hands to develop! Bring them to a local camera shop or discount retailer to get the best bang for your buck. Now, what will you do with the pictures? Consider ordering triples or even quadruples, and tucking in personally selected photos to each thank-you card. You can also order a CD of your photos so you have a digital version! You can then get artistic and order the photos in black and white, sepia, or using online services, you can create books, mugs, or even puzzles out of your favourite pics! You can also share the website with friends and family so they can order photos as well.

Is it a Favor?

Some may argue that the trend of wedding favor cameras isn’t really a favor since the guests are not given anything to take home. You may wish to have a small additional favor for guests to take home, such as chocolate truffles or a candy bar. If you want a bit of a more modern take on the wedding favor camera, consider having a photo booth set up, or a computer where guests can easily upload their digital photos to before leaving.

Wedding favor cameras are a fun way to get guests to be involved in the wedding, and getting the photos developed will really give you a sneak peek into how your wedding day felt for your guests! Enjoy!

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